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Please let us know if you have any questions or wish to report any technical problems with the library. Feedback is always welcome. You can contact us:


What is the eTekkatho library?

eTekkatho is a digital library especially designed for the academic community in Myanmar. The library is delivered over a very low bandwidth website and is also available over local area networks at partner institutions in Myanmar. The project is not-for-profit and access to the library is free. Anyone can use the library and no registration is required.

Can I access full text materials through eTekkatho?

Yes, the eTekkatho library provides access to the full text of the resources. Where possible, we have compressed the resource to make it faster to download over a low bandwidth internet connection. The content is unchanged. Many of the resources in the library are self contained but some include external links which point outside the library.

Can I use the resources in my teaching?

Yes, subject to the licensing conditions, which are displayed in every catalogue record.

Many resources in the library are licensed under Creative Commons (CC), which allow you to copy and use the work on condition that you include the attribution (such as the author name and publisher) as specified.

  • A Creative Commons licence that includes the letters ND (non-derivative) means that you can copy and share the resource but may not modify the work.
  • A Creative Commons licence that includes the letters NC (non-commercial) means that you can copy and share the resource for non commercial purposes.

Please see our copyright page for a full explanation of the CC licences.

Some resources in the library are in the public domain which means there are no restrictions on using them in your teaching.

Some resources in the eTekkatho library are included with the kind permission of the copyright holders. Please use these resources under the terms of the individual licences or copyright statements in the library catalogue record. If you wish to redistribute them, modify them or otherwise use them in ways not permitted by copyright law then you must seek the permission of the original rights holder. For each resource we have included the original URL so that, if you have Internet access, you can obtain the rights holder details. If you are unable to do this, please email the eTekkatho team on and we will endeavour to help.

Why doesn’t the library cover medical sciences or the arts?

This edition of the eTekkatho digital libary has a focus on earth sciences, environmental sciences and the humanities. We plan to expand the scope of the library in the future editions, with a medical library.

I tried searching the library but keep seeing the message, “No search results" What should I do?

Please don’t be discouraged if your search has not returned any results. The eTekkatho search just searches the library catalogue records, not the full text of the resources. Make sure you have a flexible approach to searching, so that you can look for synonyms and related subjects to your topic.

Try searching for different keywords (such as ‘renewable energy’ as well as ‘solar power’), and be prepared to change your search if you don’t get any results. Think of related issues and terms as well as synonyms.

Keep your searches simple - try searching for a single keyword or phrase not a sentence.

Where are the eTekkatho partner institutions?

Local versions of the eTekkatho digital library have been set up at the following institutions in Myanmar:

  • Bago University
  • Banmaw University
  • Brahmaso Library, Mandalay
  • British Council, Mandalay
  • British Council, Yangon
  • Dagon University
  • Dawei University
  • Hakha College
  • Hpa-An University
  • Kalay University
  • Lashio University
  • Loikaw University
  • Magway University
  • Mandalay University
  • Mawlamyine University
  • Myitkyina University
  • Myanmar Environment Institute
  • National Library, Nay Pyi Taw
  • National Library, Yangon
  • Pathein University
  • Phaung Daw Oo Library, Mandalay
  • Sittwe University
  • Taunggoke Degree College
  • Taungoo University
  • Taunggyi University
  • University of Medicine, Taunggyi
  • University of Distance Education, Yangon
  • West Yagnon University
  • Yadanabon University
  • Yangon University

If you are on campus at these institutions, you can access the eTekkatho library at high speed over the local area network or from a terminal in the library building, even on days when there is little or no phone signal or internet connection. In addition to the online version of the document library, these local installations also include the eTekkatho Special Collections, off-line versions of Wikipedia in English and Myanmar, Fuse School videos, Khan Academy training videos, complete virtual courses from the University of Manchester, Yaung Zin teacher training materials and a mirror site of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare, which contains teaching and learning materials for around 2,000 undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

You can also access eTekkatho at high speed from the pre-college program room at Phaung Daw Oo and the public library at Brahmaso Humanitarian Aid Organization in Mandalay. We plan to add more partner universities and community libraries to the eTekkatho network in late 2015.

Can you set up an eTekkatho hotspot at my institution?

Yes, if you are an academic or librarian at a not-for-profit educational institution in Myanmar and would like a local version of the library set up on a local area network, please get in touch through our Facebook page or using the email above. There are no costs involved and the set-up and delivery of the library is free to higher educational institutions in Myanmar. An institutional Internet connection is helpful but not necessary. An existing local area network is also helpful but not necessary. We will work with you to seek permission to set up a local network at your institution if required.

What does “tekkatho” mean?

It means “university” in Pali.