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About us

The eTekkatho project is committed to providing a free digital library of research and learning resources to students, academics and librarians in Myanmar. We are a virtual collaboration between The University of Manchester and participating partner institutions in Myanmar.

This second edition of the library covers resources relating to education, geography including physical geography, human geography, earth sciences and the environment, and the enabling subjects of mathematics, information literacy and English language. The content is selected to support university curricula in the partner universities and is selected and approved by at least two specialists. You can read more about the contents on our About the library page. Please use the Browse and Search interfaces on the home page to explore the library.

You can access the eTekkatho digital library in two different ways:

  • You can use this website to access the eTekkatho document library over the Internet. This version of the library is designed for low bandwidth connections. It is free to use and no registration is required. The majority of the resources have been compressed to make them easier to download over a low bandwidth connection.
  • You can access the document library along with the eTekkatho Special Collections over a fast wireless connection at eTekkatho hotspots. We have set up local versions of the eTekkatho library on the local area networks of twelve partnering institutions across Myanmar. That means if you are in the library building at an partner university, you can access the full eTekkatho digital library, including the Special Collections, wirelessly at a broadband speed.

The eTekkatho partner institutions are Kalay University, Taunggyi University, Loikaw University, Pathein University, Yadanabon University, West Yangon University, Yangon University, Dagon University, Mandalay University, Myitkyina University, the University of Distance Education (Yangon), University of Medicine (Taunggyi) and the Myanmar Environment Institute. You can also access eTekkatho at high speed from the pre-college program room at Phaung Daw Oo and the library at Brahmaso Humanitarian Aid Organization in Mandalay. Because eTekkatho is hosted on a local server, you can access the library at high speed from these partner institutions even when there is no phone signal or internet connection.

We plan to add more partner universities and community libraries to the eTekkatho network in late 2015.

Whichever way you access the library, you can browse the resources and download the ones you want to use off-line on your own computer subject to their licence conditions.

eTekkatho team

The eTekkatho team is based at The University of Manchester. We are funded to the equivalent of just over two and half people over a year. We have split this into little fractions of several people’s time, so we are a small team but between us have degrees in computer science, physics, economics, geography, mathematics, chemistry and social sciences. In addition, many people have contributed their time and expertise to the project for free.

Yin Tun
Project manager
Clare Bowden
eTekkatho librarian
May Thet Khine Nyein
Research officer, Yangon
Rob Dunne
Research Software Engineer

About this website

This website is designed to operate in a very low bandwidth environment. We have followed the Web Design Guidelines for Low Bandwidth by Aptivate, and also 14 Rules for Faster-Loading Web Sites by Steve Souders.

Small page size
Pages are less than 25kB, except search and browse results, which may be up to around 40kB. 25kB pages should load within 10 seconds over a 20kbps bandwidth connection.
Very few images
We have used very few images. CSS is used instead of images where possible. The few images used have been reduced in file size so they are quicker to load. The site is usable if images are turned off.
Optimized CSS
External CSS is used for layout—this means faster pages because the CSS files are cached by the browser and so only downloaded once. Links to CSS files are at the top of pages—this means faster pages as they render progressively. CSS files have been minified to reduce filesize.
No JavaScript
There is no JavaScript (JS).
The size of the resource is shown next to the download link.
Links to pages outside of eTekkatho are shown with a picture like this:. These pages may not be as quick loading as eTekkatho.
Minimized HTTP requests
We have minimized the number of HTTP requests by using the techniques above. Every HTTP request adds to the loading time.
Files will be compressed—behind the scenes—by the web server when it detects that a browser is able to deal with compressed transfers. This reduces load times by up to 70% by reducing the size of the HTTP response. This is in addition to the compression of the resources during the curation process.
All static content on the website is cacheable. A mixture of E-tag, Expires and Cache-Control headers are provided with these pages and resources. Caching using the Cache-Control and Expires Headers allow the browser, or any server in between the web server and the browser, to serve web content from a local copy. If a cached copy does not exist, the use of E-tags enables the web server to tell that the browser that the resource hasn't changed since it was last retrieved.
Resumable Downloads
Pieces of the resource may be requested instead of whole documents. This is important in situations where the download may be interrupted reducing the need to download the whole document if for some reason the download failed.

The website does not use cookies.

Our funder

eTekkatho is a not-for-profit project funded by the Tekkatho Foundation and supported by the University of Manchester and the British Council.

The project was set up with support from the Open Society Foundations.

eTekkatho hotspots

Local versions of the eTekkatho digital library have been set up at the following institutions in Myanmar:

  • Kalay University
  • Loikaw University
  • Taunggyi University
  • Pathein University
  • Yadanabon University
  • West Yangon University
  • British Council, Yangon
  • British Council, Mandalay
  • National Library, Nay Pyi Taw
  • Yangon University
  • Dagon University
  • Mandalay University
  • Myitkyina University
  • University of Distance Education, Yangon
  • University of Medicine, Taunggyi
  • Myanmar Environment Institute
  • Phaung Daw Oo, Mandalay
  • Brahmaso Library, Mandalay

If you are on campus at these institutions, you can access the eTekkatho library over the local area network or from a terminal in the library building. In addition to the online version of the library, all of these local installations also include Special Collections resources from the University of Manchester open online course materials, Wikipedia in English and Myanmar, Fuse School videos, Khan Academy training videos, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare and Yaung Zin teacher training materials.