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Educational resources for the Myanmar academic community

What's in the library?

The eTekkatho library contains over 1,700 full text academic resources. This second edition of the library covers education, human geography, physical geography, earth sciences and the environment along with supporting subjects of computer literacy, mathematics and English language.

All the resources are selected and described by subject specialists.

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Benefits for you

eTekkatho is a free, open online digital library that helps you to find books, teaching materials, journal articles, datasets and other educational resources for your studies and research. The majority of content of the library has been compressed so you can access it over a low bandwidth network. You can also access the eTekkatho library at high speed from the library buildings of partner institutions.

Access to the library is free and open to all. If you would like a local copy of the library at your institution, please get in touch.

Special Collections

The local installations of the eTekkatho library additionally include the Special Collections, educational resources with videos and pictures that have been adapted to work fast without the need for an internet connection. The Special Collections include:

  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Wikipedia in English and Myanmar
  • Khan Academy video lessons
  • Science videos from Fuse School
  • University of Manchester online courses
  • British Council resources

You can access the Special Collections at any of the eTekkatho partner institutions.

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